1. Portrait Commissions

    Hey everyone! I really love doing graphite pencil portraits, and I’m tight on cash right now, so I figured it would be fun to offer portrait commissions to anyone who’s interested. 

    Here is a sample of my work (more upon request):

    Subject matter:

    As long as you can supply a reference photo, I will draw:

    • You
    • Your kids
    • Your parents
    • Your friends
    • Your favorite actors/characters
    • Your bedroom
    • You, naked in your bedroom
    • That weirdo you snagged a pic of with your phone last weekend
    • Any and all people ever in whatever state they may be in

    I will not draw:

    • Animated characters
    • OCs
    • Animals
    • Anything you do not have a reference for 

    Price ranges:

    • $20-$30 for head shots, including down to shoulders (add $5 for each additional person in the picture)
    • $30-$40 for bust views, including down to arms and waist (add $10 for each additional person in the picture)
    • $50- and up for full body / detailed background pictures (add $15 for each additional person in the picture)

    More information:

    • Everything will be drawn on high quality paper in graphite pencil.

    • I will take orders on a first come first serve basis. I will try to get orders done within the week, but as a college student, I can’t guarantee anything.

    • I will deliver all drawings as digital files to your email, and I will also mail you the original drawing at request. (Add $2 for shipping, US only)

    • I’ll only be accepting payments via Paypal.

    If you are interested, send me an Ask or Fanmail including your email adress, and we can talk about details. C:

    Thanks for reading! Signal boosts are much appreciated. <3

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